In Protectia we are highly specialized in the preparation of all kinds of contracts, coexistence agreements, licensing and technology transfer.

Contracts are used to regulate and normalize relations between the parties, so they are a basic instrument in the world of industrial and intellectual property and market relations in general.

 A good contract drafting is the key to avoid future problems and have to resort to the courts.

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Our lawyers will offer legal assistance from the very first negotiations until the signing of the contract, giving legal form to the agreed conditions.

Our contracts are equitable, but also provide the security and guarantee of the difficulty of its cancellation.

We also specialize in technological transfers and licensing, training the owners of inventions in order to help them get a return on their intangible rights.

These contractual services are provided globally worldwide.

Protectia offers the following list of services in this field:

  • Assistance in negotiations.
  • Drafting of all types of contracts: confidentiality, transfer of rights, etc.
  • Licence agreements.
  • Contracts’ cancellation.
  • Coexistence agreements.

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