The importance recently acquired by e-commerce and online presence has spurred our clients’ needs to protect their domain names. The intrinsic connection between domains and trademarks makes us an ideal strategic partner.

The owner of a registered trademark has a previous right before the applicant of any other new identical domain, or which contains the trademark denomination.

Therefore we offer a litigation service on the ownership of domains. If a third party has registered a domain with your trademark or if there is a conflict of interest, we undertake the most advisable actions to put an end to these situations of abuse and conflict.

Do you need to recover your domain?WE HELP YOU

A domain recovery implies the following list of services:

  • Domain recovery negotiations.
  • Resolving disputes.
  • Domain name recovery before various competent national and international entities (World Intellectual Property Organization, National Arbitration Forum, Nominet) and before the Courts of Justice.

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