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How to protect your distinctive sign: Trademark Clearinghouse

It is undeniable that the internet is expanding and is going through its biggest transformation. In fact, in the coming months the number of Generic Top Levels Domains will literally explode and, along with the classic “.com or .org”, will appear a lot of new addresses related of the most different categories: referenced to a commercial activity (.hotel), a city (.madrid), sports, etc.

Recently, we talked about the mechanism set up by the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Name and Numbers) in order to prevent trademark infringements: the Trademark Clearinghouse.
Through the following video, enjoyable also for a younger public, we would like to go deeper into the question:


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New R&D centres in Chile

4 multinationals open new R&D centres in Chile

Today, September 18th, is the national day in Chile. For this reason, we take the opportunity, from our offices in Santiago, to support this celebration and greet all Chileans and Spanishes in Chile.

In this post, we will discuss about interesting news related to R&D in Chile, which shows an expected increase in patent applications in the region.

Nuevos centros de I+D en Chile

In 2014, four new R&D centres are going to be installed in Chile through the attractive program of International Centres of Excellence (CEI).

This program promoted by the Ministry of Economy and CORFO (public organization to promote entrepreneurship and innovation) and initiated in 2011, resulted in the arrival of the first group of public research centres to Chile (Fraunhofer of Germany; CSIRO of Australia; Inria Waganingen France and Holland).

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Protectia: patent and Trademark agency among the greatest representatives of Argentina CTM

In its first 22 months of life as an Intellectual and Industrial Property Law Firm, Protectia patent and Trademark agency appears in the ranking of the top 25 representatives of clients from Argentina before the European Trademark Office (OHIM).

Access to the complete statistics of the Office.

The appearance on these lists places us alongside with the most prestigious and senior offices, which makes us pride for having achieved such a result in record time. It shows that our professional team, especially Rodrigo Sammut (born in Buenos Aires), together with our efficient management system, personal attention and guidance to the achievement of objectives, meets the current needs and new expectations of our Argentinian correspondents and friends.

Thank you very much for your trust, we continue working hard every day to improve our services.

New domain extensions for important trademarks

ICANN shall approve on monday the creation of new domain extensions “customized” for the most important trademarks. Each extension will cost u$s 185.000.

Dattatec. Information center.

ICANN is about to change the allocation of internet domain. On Monday, the agency has scheduled a board meeting in Singapore, where it will try to create a new domain extension “customized”.

So far, there are 22 generic domain extensions (TLDs, or class) as the well-known .com, .net, .gob and .info, and more than 250 regional ones, which identify specific countries such as:,, or cl.

To this list, ICANN would be adding several hundred more, following the request of the interested. The idea is that the famoues trademarks and mayor organizations (with more purchasing power), may be able to register the extension that better defines them, for example: .cocacola, .toyota or .microsoft.