Satellite technology: patents example

Nowadays, if we stop to think about it, satellite technology is all around and have become the support of modern digital life, helping people to keep in touch (GPS technology) or monitoring the earth for any kind of changes.

Today we take inspiration for our “Patents world” section from a video developed by the EPO (European Patents Office) talking about this great and fascinating cientific field: satellite technology.

This is a huge industry that remains a “key strategic sector” for a lot of countries and which is the base of global communications, weather forecasting among many other vital aspects of modern life. 



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How to convert a PCT patent application into utility model

A matter arising quite often in patent applicants through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is whether they can transform their current patent application into a utility model.


This change in registration category generally arise after receiving the International Search Report informing of possible difficulties in the further processing.

In order to clarify the concept, I leave the following simplified diagram of the process of a patent by the PCT system:

PCT patent

As it is shown, from the ninth month the designated office will issue the result of the International Search Report (IBI). This outcome is not binding because the national/regional offices will be the responsible for carry out the possible objections in view of the report; anyway IBI gives a good orientation of what can be found later.

It is also possible to modify the set of claims about the current application and submit them together with a series of observations trying to save the objections found in the IBI, and even submit them again to review and examination. 


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Extension of European Patents to Hong Kong

Patent registration in Honk Kong can be done from a European Patent application. From a commercial point of view this is an interesting option so we are going to briefly describe the procedure for the patent registration in Honk Kong based on a patent application filed with the European Patent Office.

Extensión patente honk-kong

Extension of european patents to hong kong: administrative procedure.

This registration procedure can differentiate two stages:

1. Application stage. The application may be filed within 6 months from the date of publication of:

  • A European Patent application.
  • An international application (PCT) designating the European Patent Office.

An international search conducted after these applications shall be transferred to Hong Kong office and will serve as a basis for processing the registration in this territory.

2. Granting stage. This second step consists in the registration and formalization within 6 months of the granting of the corresponding European Patent, which gives rise to a patent granting in Honk Kong.

Patent registration in Hong Kong

Patenting in Hong Kong is subject to a certain number of peculiarities which stands out as a particularly atypical case, due to its nature as a special administrative region.

patente en hong kong

Patent in Hong Kong: essential features.

  • Patents in Hong Kong are granted based on a formal examination of the application; patent’s examination does not extend to matters of substance relating to novelty or inventive step of the invention.
  • The granting of a patent in Hong Kong relies on the registration of a patent filed by one of the three following patent offices:
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