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Francesca es licenciada en Ciencias de la Comunicación en la Universitá degi Studi di Macerata (Italia) y está especializada en marketing online. El italiano es su lengua materna, y domina tanto la lengua inglesa como el español.

Record of European Patent applications in 2013

Last Wednesday, the European Patent Office (EPO) has published annual statistical results, concerning the year 2013, on the status of European patent applications.

European patent applicationThe results are encouraging for the future of the “old continent”: in fact, patent applications filed before the EPO grew 2, 8% over the previous year.

The “Candy” case: can we actually trademark everything?

Following the echo of a recent controversy, I would like to take the opportunity to reflect about whether or not everything can be registered as a trademark.

The controversy I mentioned is the one who sees as protagonist the company King, owner of the phenomena gameCandy Crash Saga.

The company filed an application to register the word “Candy” as a trademark to the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) for a wide range of goods and services (in relation to gaming, educational services and clothing).

The application was filed in 2013, and the past 15 of January the USPTO has approved the application to be published, which opens a 30-days period for objections.
More than one thought the decision of USPTO seems to be questionable and more than one could think that the company has taken too far the protection of its trademark.

Trademark application

Without going deeper in the legal question, let’s just say that a dispute was to be expected on a word that is not only so common and generic, but also just “descriptive” used in that context. (more…)

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Japanese manga on counterfeit products

The health and safety risk of purchasing counterfeit products highlighted into an original Japanese manga. This was the aim of the Real Manga competition organized by the Japan Office of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) during the summer 2010, won by a brilliant video game designer: Ms. Emiko Iwasaki.

manga_final_coverHer work, named “Honmono”, is an appealing and easy way to help people better understand Intellectual Property and create public awareness about why it is so important to respect and protect IP rights.

“It is often the case that what you read in a textbook slips away from your mind, no matter how many times you read it. But information that is presented as a manga stays with you even if you have only read it very quickly. I am a firm believer that manga is one of the best tools for teaching people about the risks of counterfeit goods.” said Mr. Ken-Ichiro Natsume, Director of the JPO’s Multilateral Policy Office. (more…)

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Central Italy and the registered trademark Varnelli

An historical registered trademark from Central Italy: Varnelli

During the last Holidays I went back on my land, in the green heart of Central Italy and more precisely in the region called Marche.
It might not be the most valued or famous region of the 21 composing the country, but it certainly is one of the most privileged natural environment, which sums up some unique peculiarities.
A wonderful landscape between mountains with natural parks and the sea, beautiful villages that are characteristics for its medieval origins, basically an outside museum: lots of history and fascinating legends.n magnifico paisaje entre montañas con parques naturales y el mar, hermosos pueblos de origen medieval, prácticamente un museo al aire libre: mucha historia y leyendas fascinantes.

Besides, it is also a land of creativity: as reported by the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM, in Italian) in the region from January to August 2013 have been granted 247 patents and registered 984 trademark.

View from histroric center of Recanati (Macerata)

Completely absorbed from the culinary varieties (especially during Holidays time), I have come to appreciate the many products whose logos are historical registered trademarks of the region.
Among other things, there are several spirits and liqueurs made by small and meritorious producers, and one of the most famous is “Varnelli”.

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