An historical registered trademark from Central Italy: Varnelli

During the last Holidays I went back on my land, in the green heart of Central Italy and more precisely in the region called Marche.
It might not be the most valued or famous region of the 21 composing the country, but it certainly is one of the most privileged natural environment, which sums up some unique peculiarities.
A wonderful landscape between mountains with natural parks and the sea, beautiful villages that are characteristics for its medieval origins, basically an outside museum: lots of history and fascinating legends.n magnifico paisaje entre montañas con parques naturales y el mar, hermosos pueblos de origen medieval, prácticamente un museo al aire libre: mucha historia y leyendas fascinantes.

Besides, it is also a land of creativity: as reported by the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM, in Italian) in the region from January to August 2013 have been granted 247 patents and registered 984 trademark.

View from histroric center of Recanati (Macerata)

Completely absorbed from the culinary varieties (especially during Holidays time), I have come to appreciate the many products whose logos are historical registered trademarks of the region.
Among other things, there are several spirits and liqueurs made by small and meritorious producers, and one of the most famous is “Varnelli”.

A little history on the registered trademark Varnelli

The “Distilleria Varnelli” is a company managed by the fourth generation of a family business, born officially in 1868 by Girolamo Varnelli. Great passionate about herbs and medical plants, he was able to draw from his observations of nature and the knowledge of popular habits, the opportunity for a happy intuition, the famous “Amaro Sibilla”.

registered trademark VarnelliHowever, the biggest invention came with his son Antonio, and is the Varnelli: strong, elegant and inimitable anise-flavored liqueur, which quickly became the flagship of the distillery.

Nowadays, the Varnelli S.p.A distillery has its registered office in Muccia, in a modern establishment perfectly combining the ancient traditions of craftsmanship and herbs with modern storage and bottling systems.

The Varnelli distillery constantly aims to combine tradition and innovation, competitiveness and social cohesion, a strong local identity and a dynamic dimension to the global market approach. To achieve these objectives, the company attaches great importance to investment in intangible capital, elements such as human resources and skills, research, marketing, branding, community relations, its contribution to education, the protection of the environment.

The registered trademark Varnelli is considered heritage of the entire community, symbol of development of the territory, its tradition and culture.

The protection of this distinctive sign through an action of trademark registration has certainly been crucial both to restrain competition and to maintain the strong link with the territory of origin. 

If you enjoyed knowing the history of this Italian product and in case you are curious about it, here is the documentation of the community trademark registration of the historical Varnelli.