ICANN shall approve on monday the creation of new domain extensions “customized” for the most important trademarks. Each extension will cost u$s 185.000.

Dattatec. Information center.

ICANN is about to change the allocation of internet domain. On Monday, the agency has scheduled a board meeting in Singapore, where it will try to create a new domain extension “customized”.

So far, there are 22 generic domain extensions (TLDs, or class) as the well-known .com, .net, .gob and .info, and more than 250 regional ones, which identify specific countries such as: .com.ar, .com.mx, .com.uy or cl.

To this list, ICANN would be adding several hundred more, following the request of the interested. The idea is that the famoues trademarks and mayor organizations (with more purchasing power), may be able to register the extension that better defines them, for example: .cocacola, .toyota or .microsoft.